How TDM Firms Use The Three Types Of Data

20 November 2020
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In the test data management service world, there are three kinds of data commonly used on projects. These are standard, erroneous, and extreme data. This article explores what each one is and how a test data management firm will employ each. Standard Data When creating a dataset for a project, standard data form the mainline. Standard data is correct in the sense that it reflects what the real-world data set shows. Read More 

2 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Management Software for Your Auto Dealership

4 September 2020
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If you run an automotive dealership and you have found that your current management system's technology is obsolete or no longer serves your needs, you may be shopping around for new software. However, you may not know quite where to begin in your search. If so, start narrowing down your choices by asking yourself the following questions when you examine each manage software package. 1.  What Type of Input System Works Best for You and Your Employees? Read More