How To Pick The Right CDI Software

13 September 2022
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Clinical document integrity is a critical part of work at numerous medical organizations, doctors' practices, and laboratories. Given the prevalence of CDI software solutions in these environments, which package you choose will have a major influence on many aspects of your operation. Consequently, you'll want to select the right CDI software for your business. Here are four ways to get the most from that choice. Workflow People often focus on issues like regulatory compliance when choosing CDI software suites. Read More 

What Type Of Network Cable Should You Use For Your Business?

8 July 2022
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Are you moving into a new office and ready to run cabling to all of your employee workstations? If so, you'll need to select the type of cables you need, since there are multiple network cables to pick from. Here are some tips for selecting the right type of cable.  Network Cable Options You'll first want to know what your options are for network cables. For many years, CAT5e has been the standard used for network cabling. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Have Disaster Recovery Solutions Plans

25 April 2022
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Disaster recovery is important for businesses. Without it, there is a huge risk of financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, and other misfortunes. Many of today's data concerns are due to manmade attacks on businesses. Cyberattacks are prevalent and unprotected businesses may find themselves, victims, for no apparent reason. The following points identify the benefits of having disaster recovery solutions in place. Faster Recovery Time The best thing about having a disaster recovery solution that includes a Hybrid Cloud is that downtime is minimal. Read More 

7 Tips For Anyone Giving A Deposition

2 February 2022
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Will you soon be giving a video deposition and not sure what to do? If so, it will help to know the following tips for giving a deposition. Always Tell The Truth Be aware that everything that you say during a deposition is being recorded verbatim. You don't want to be caught in a situation where you are accused of perjury for not being honest during a deposition. That's why you should always focus on telling the truth. Read More