Which Features Define a Smart Home?

9 November 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Smart home devices are among the major lifestyle changes in modern residences. People thinking about setting up smart homes, though, need to look past the hype and focus on the features. If you're not sure what to expect from a smart home besides cool gadgetry, here are four features you'll want to assess before you buy any device.

1. Automation

In terms of potential dollar-saving measures, automation is easily at the top of the list of features. The classic smart solution is automating the thermostat. You can configure your home's system to turn the heat up or down based on a schedule or even whether people are present. If you know you'll be at work during the daytime, for example, you can have your smart home operate within a range that won't stress your place's heating and cooling systems.

2. Integration

Today's smart homes integrate many features into a single package. If you have a voice assistant, for example, you can integrate with other features. You might want to integrate the stereo system. The voice assistant can then take commands to operate the stereo. Similar options exist to control HVAC, lighting, entertainment, and other systems. You can also integrate controls. Perhaps you'd like to use your tablet to control the systems. After installing an app, you'll be able to control all your smart home devices.

3. Whole-Home Technology

People can extend functionality throughout their smart homes. For example, independent temperature controls are available for individual rooms. If you're watching TV in the living room and want to continue watching a movie in your bedroom, you can ask the system to send the stream there.

This extends to key and security systems. You can access security cameras from the TV, allowing you to check out problems without getting up from the living room couch. It's also possible to integrate smart homes with locks and security control pads. For example, you can disable the alarm and unlock the garage while you're in the kitchen.

4. Connectivity

Smart home devices can connect with technologies beyond your residence. If you'd like to start warming your house up on a cold day 15 minutes before you return, you can connect through your car's voice assistant. Connected devices can even use GPS data to inform your house you're coming. With proper automation, you can have your house automatically start running the A/C and pour some water before you come home from a run.

To learn more about your options, contact companies that sell or install smart home devices.