Parent Getting Older And Lives Alone? Tips To Make Their Home More Secure

11 January 2019
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If your parent is getting older and they live alone, you may worry about them. For example, they may be targeted if an intruder knows they are alone. Fortunately, you can help keep your parent safe by adding security to your home, such as by installing a security and video security system.

Install a Security System

A security system connected to the security company that you hire will work best. This is because if the alarm goes off the security company will be notified immediately and send help, such as sending police, an ambulance, etc.

The security company can put sensors in all entry points, such as windows, doors, and more. They will also install a control panel in a central location for your parent to turn off the alarm after they enter their home.

The security company can install a wired or wireless system. Wireless is neater as there are no wires. Also, with wireless your parent can control the alarm, such as disarming and arming the alarm. They can also control other things, which will depend on the type of system they have. They can do this by installing an app on their device, such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more.

The security system will only work if there is a good Wi-Fi signal. The device they use must also be connected to the Internet for it to work.

A wired system does not need a Wi-Fi signal as it uses the landline. The only drawback is if the landline phones go out, such as if they are cut, the security system will not work.

Video Security

Another type of security is video security. This will record what is going on outside and you can then view the data later. This can be helpful for police if someone does break into their home. Cameras are installed outside in different areas. For example, a camera is generally installed on the front porch to have a wide view of the area. You can also have security cameras installed in the back entrance or any area you want to watch.

The security company can install video monitors inside the home for even more security. With this, the security cameras send images in real time to the video monitors. Your parent could look at the monitors any time they hear a noise outside. They could also see who is knocking at their front door, so they know if it is safe to open it.

Contact a few security companies in your area to see what they can offer to help you determine what company will meet your needs.