3 Major Mistakes Made During Data Center Migration

2 December 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog

When a modern business has to migrate to a new location, so does all of the data it has collected through the years and the hardware that is used to house that data. This part of relocating can be stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes more problematic than the move itself. Take a look at a few of the biggest mistakes some companies make during a data center migration relative to a business move.

1. Not Doing a Proper Assessment Beforehand

Before you even consider making a major data move, it is important to know exactly what you have to work with. You should know what kind of hardware is being used and relied upon by your current data intake setup. You should be fully aware of where any off-site data is stored, such as in cloud-hosted data storage services. The more you know about what you now have before the move, the less likely it will be that you make big mistakes because of unexpected things that come up when the migration does start taking place. 

2. Not Appointing a Data Migration Leader 

Right from the beginning stages of the planned migration, it is best to appoint at least one leader who will oversee the project from start to finish. This individual will be your go-to person to coordinate the migration with an implemented plan of action. Some of the reasons this is going to be an important person to have include:

  • They can communicate progress as the migration happens
  • They can authorize enlisted help to make changes and adjustments
  • They can make sure the migration plan is carried out properly

3. Not Properly Considering Space at the New Location

When you do not properly measure to ensure that you will have space for your hardware at the new data housing location, you can run into major issues once you get where you are going. Finding out that a large data server will not clear through the door, for example, will leave you having to make last-minute adjustments and plans to properly protect your hardware until you can make arrangements to get it inside. 

Overall, a data center migration can be a huge undertaking, and mistakes can cause problems with data loss, create issues with downtime, and cost your business time and money. Reach out to a professional data center moving company, like Migra Systems, for more advice to help you see a flawless transition.