Should I Replace Gorilla Glass With Sapphire Glass?

9 August 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Cell phones must be designed in a way that is compatible with how users live their lives. The phones are constantly placed in and removed from one's pockets and it may come in contact with keys. The phone is frequently touched in order to operate it. If the glass becomes scratched, it is then much more likely to break. It is also possible that glass that hasn't been scratched at all can shatter if it is dropped or stepped on. Therefore, it is essential that the screen be made from a material that is able to handle such abuse. Gorilla glass is one of the most common products used to create durable smartphone screens. But in recent years, sapphire glass, such as from Summit Sapphire, has become another option. If you need to replace your smartphone, you may be required to obtain sapphire glass to replace the glass on your phone when it finally becomes damaged.

Understanding Sapphires

While sapphire gemstones come in a variety of hues, these hues only result from contamination. If you would like a smartphone that is clear, you simply need to purchase sapphire glass that does not come with these contaminants. Some sapphire is mined, but there is also synthetic sapphire glass. The synthetic sapphire is the version that is used for smartphones because the imperfections that would be found in mined sapphire would cause the stone to be unstable and be more likely to break. 

The Hardness Of Sapphires

Sapphire is a material that is almost as hard as a diamond. It is significantly harder than glass, so it is much less likely that you will smash your screen and find that you need to replace it. Due to its hardness, it is almost impossible to scratch it. It is also shatter-resistant due to how it is not scratched. 

The reason why the material is not used more often is because it is more expensive than Gorilla glass. Therefore, there is a trade off between durability and cost. However, if you need a highly durable phone for whatever reason, this is the best option. The material is also somewhat heavier than Gorilla glass. However, given how thin the sapphire glass is, this is unlikely to add a significant amount of weight to your phone. Therefore, if you need to replace a screen on your phone or you are looking for a new phone, this may be worthwhile to purchase.