3 Ways To Improve Your Home Office

6 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

For many at-home workers, creating an office space that is pleasant and does not take away from their productivity can be a challenge. A space that is poorly set up can be distracting and keep you from accomplishing your work goals for the day. If your home office needs a productivity makeover, here are some tips you can use. 

Think About Your Tech

Your at-home office would not be complete without the right technology in place. For instance, it is almost impossible to work if you do not have a reliable internet service provider, or ISP. Determine what your Internet needs are and talk to your provider about the available speeds. Remember, if streaming video is part of your work day, you will need faster than average speed. 

In addition to your Internet coverage, you also need to consider outlets for your electronics. If you have a computer, printer, phone, camera, and router in the office, you will need enough outlets within a reasonable distance from your desk. If they are not within reach, you can lose time going back and forth to them. Use a surge protector extension to give you the outlets you need. 

Do Not Forget the Lighting

Working with low light can dampen your spirits and place a strain on your eyes. By contrast, the right amount of lighting helps you to stay alert. The best lighting for your office is natural lighting. Instead of putting your desk in a dark corner, try to place it near a window. 

You can also add additional lighting with the help of desk or table lamps. Avoid using overhead lighting because it might not be adequate enough to light your space. If you have to conduct video conferences, ensure that the lighting is perfectly placed. 

Declutter Your Office

Without realizing it, your office can accumulate piles of junk over time. The piles can make it difficult to keep track of important items. The simple act of stopping to look through a pile can distract you and slow down your work progress. 

At the end of each week, take the time to declutter your office. In fact, get rid of anything that is not work-oriented. The fewer distractions you have around you while working, the better for you. 

There are many other ways you can make your home office work-friendly. Take an honest assessment of your work environment and get rid of the distractions as you work to improve your work environment.