Changing to a New Springfield Printing Service

22 February 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog

For various reasons, you've decided that your current printer is no longer able to manage your printing needs adequately. After spending some time investigating different Springfield printing services, you have found a company that seems to be a good fit. The task now focuses on terminating the relationship with your original printer and obtaining copies of any document templates in the possession of that printer. If you are not under contract to the printer, a simple notification asking that the account be closed will be sufficient. As part of the notification, you should also request electronic copies of all the documents that the printer has done for you in the past. Try to make sure the copies are in formats that the new Springfield printing service can use to take care of your future printing needs. This will help to minimize the possibility of losing something vital during the conversion of the files. When a contract is involved, you may want to notify the printer six weeks to two months in advance that you have no intention of renewing for another term. Make the notification in writing so there is a record that you observed the terms of the original agreement and provided a reasonable amount of advance notice. This will help to ensure that any automatic renewal clauses found in that contract will not be activated.