Use Nanopositioning Equipment? Why You Should Get Software To Run It

20 December 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you have upgraded your equipment to have nanopositioning capabilities, you are probably trying to learn how to work everything. When you have employees who run the equipment, you also need them to learn how to operate it. In addition to operating the system, you need to learn how to program it to move to the exact positions needed. Luckily, there are nanopositioning software for sale that can help. Here are just a few reasons to take advantage of one of these programs.


It takes extreme precision to try to position equipment in the minute increments a nanopositioner is capable of. In addition, there will be many calculations to make to move to the next position. Even if math is your strong suit, it can take considerable time to program the equipment to perform a single task. When you have a software program to run it, things will go a lot faster. A computer will do all the computations, so there is less chance of a mistake. All you will have to do is input the initial information and the software does the rest. It also does it much faster than you or an employee could.


No matter how steady of a hand you have, moving small parts of equipment in minuscule amounts is not easy and sometimes impossible. When you are working with three different axes, the difficulty multiplies. When you use nanopositioning software, these movements are done easily, and the end result will be perfect.


Anytime there is a mistake, the piece being made is ruined. Unfortunately, the mistakes may be small enough that they are not noticed until the part is in place. Sometimes this can cause damage to other parts of the product as well. Any time a part or product is damaged, it wastes money—not only the money for materials to make it but also for the utilities and labor used in its production. While it might not be a lot of money for one piece, it will add up over time.

You spent money on upgrading your equipment to increase production and make your products better. Don't let the upgrade be a waste because the nanopositioning cannot be used to its fullest capabilities. Find a nanopositioning software program that will work with your equipment and help create the products you need. You and all the employees who use the machinery will be glad to have the help.