3 Tips For Developing The Next Mobile Gaming App

1 June 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Mobile gaming apps can be a fun and entertaining way of turning your idea or programming skills into a lucrative business. Before you begin app development, there are ways you can improve your chances of being successful.

Learn Game Psychology

Developing an effective game requires some knowledge of psychology. Some of the most popular game apps use an intermittent-reward system, which is based on operant conditioning principles. This means the user is rewarded at certain intervals throughout the game. Since a reward is usually random, this encourages users to continue playing. Additionally, many games capitalize on instant gratification, especially in a technology-driven society. When you consider other uses of instant gratification, such as expedited shipping or the opportunity to pay and download something instantly, it makes sense how this can be used to monetize your game.

If users want to reach the next level or task in your game, they are more willing to pay for advancement when they are stuck or have some other delay in reaching the next level. For example, many popular games require users to wait a specified period of time before moving on to the next set of levels. To bypass this wait, they can recruit friends to help or pay for in-game currency to move on more quickly..

Achieve The Right Balance Of Difficulty

Overly simplistic games are rarely desirable to users, much less worth their money. You should make it easy for users to catch on to the fundamental purpose of the game, while giving them enough of a challenge to remain engaged. Ideally, each level of your game will become progressively harder, or you may choose to mix up the difficulty as users move throughout each level. The need for users to develop a strategy is also important to help them remain engaged. Unless your game is based on games of chance, the idea of successes and failures being random is not typically attractive to users. Part of strategy is the idea that your efforts affect the outcome.

Keep The Interface Simple

The interface for your game app should be simple. Users should feel the app is intuitive, meaning they naturally can figure out where to go to play the game, buy currency, or perform other tasks. Since mobile games are typically played on smaller devices, you will need to find a compromise with attractive graphics that don't require significant memory or processing speeds. Otherwise, your game will fall short of its goal simply because it may not load properly and frequently freeze the device. Part of your app development should include several beta tests. You want to know how your game functions on different devices and screen sizes.

Creating mobile games is a creative way to potentially earn money. By understanding the fundamental characteristics of popular games, you might find your idea is the next trend in mobile gaming.